Augmented Sculpture Project

In this project we investigate an approach to computer-based sculpting concerned with the creation and modification of digital models based on physical abstract sculptures. We present some original methods and tools based on the Function Representation of geometric models. We use a specialised computer language HyperFun, which facilitates the modelling of complex objects. As well as presenting computer-generated animated models of pre-existing sculptures, we also show how interesting novel shapes can be generated using the HyperFun system. Here, we outline an early stage of the project development concerned with creating a sculpture-based augmented reality which allows for the interactive participation of the observer.

Plasticity3 Sculpture Androgeneous Sculpture Naked Sculpture
Real sculptures

Animation of Sculptures

Gymnast Animation - 4 frames
Click on the image to run animation (animated GIF, 305K)

Group Metamorphosis of Sculptures

Triangle Center
Click on the image to run animation (AVI, 672K)

Rapid Prototyping of the Central Shape in the Group Metamorphosis

SLA 3500
Stereolithography (SLA-3500)

KIRA Solid Center
Laminated Object Manufacturing LOM (KIRA Solid Center)

Recorded Session of Interactive Metamorphosis and Carving

Interactive session1 Interactive session2
Click on the image to download animation (zipped AVI, 4.5M)

Project authors:
V. Adzhiev
P. Comninos
M. Kazakov
A. Ogarko (implementer of animations)
A. Pasko
I. Seleznev (HyperFun Project's artist-in-residence)
Rapid prototyping:
S. Onozuka, T. Someya, H. Uchibori


V. Adzhiev, P. Comninos, M. Kazakov, A. Pasko, Functionally based augmented sculpting, Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, vol. 16, No. 1, 2005, pp. 25-39.
Electronic version: PDF (879K)

M. Kazakov, A. Pasko, V. Adzhiev, Interactive metamorphosis and carving in a multi-volume scene, GRAPHITE2003 (Melbourne, Australia, 11-14 February, 2003), ACM SIGGRAPH publication, pp. 103-110.
Electronic version: PDF (2.1 Mb)

V. Adzhiev, P. Comninos, A. Pasko, Augmented sculpture: computer ghosts of physical artefacts, Leonardo, MIT, vol. 36, No. 3, 2003, pp. 211-219.
Electronic version: PDF (890K)

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